Patents and Trademarks in the Caribbean

Intellectual property laws in the United States are fairly consistent. There may be some variations from state to state, but it is fairly consistent. At the same time, there is a whole world out there and their laws concerning intellectual property can be very different from our own. For example, you could have an idea for healthcare and present it in the Caribbean. It goes over well and helps people all around. Then, you discover it is wanted in the United States.

In this case, if you do not secure a patent and trademark in the United States, you chance losing the rights to the method just based on geography alone. What is the best way to prevent this? Work with a professional service providing bahamas trademark assistance to developers such as yourself. Even if you are an attorney looking for assistance on this matter, you may also contact for further assistance and help clients or yourself to get off the blame game and into the safety of owning intellectual property.

It is all tricky to work your whole head through. When you have come up with a great idea, how is it that some other people did too? This is a good question and it seems like everyone has an answer. Often, it is a simple form of coincidence and it is nothing more. At other times, it could be an idea that many, many people have been trying to understand for some time and now, it is all coming to fruition. In this case, no matter what you do will cover all the basis. Practice of mindfulness is vital in this case.

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Finding the “best” in the best of all these practices is not so much the goal as finding the control and balance of all energy which arises